Project Child Success regularly collects and analyzed data about young children and families in Pierce County, in order to determine needs and design solutions. This means listening and learning from families and organizations about their experiences, as well as documenting and sharing what Project Child Success has accomplished as a collective.

Pierce County Child Care Deserts

Pierce County Child Care Deserts: What are they and where do they exist? (September 2020)

This report explores defines child care deserts, and contains a zip code map of where deserts exist in Pierce County. 

Impact of COIVD-19 on Pierce County Child Care Providers_August2020

Impact of COVID-19 On Pierce County Child Care Providers (August 2020)

This report shares the findings from a recent community engagement process to better understand the immediate needs of of child care providers in Pierce County during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


State of Child Care in Pierce County - 2018

This report analyzed the cost and availability of child care in 2018, along with a review of the Working Connections Child Care Benefits program, and stories from families and child care providers about their real-life experiences accessing child care in Pierce County. 


2017 Project Child Success Annual Report

Annual report that highlights the accomplishments of Projects Child Success in 2017.


2016 Project Child Success Annual Report

Annual report that highlights the accomplishments of Projects Child Success in 2016.


0-3 System Navigation Project In Pierce County

This report describes the 0-3 Systems Navigation project which engaged local birth to three stakeholders in Pierce County through informational interviews in order to better understand the current system. 


Ready Set Go 5210 Healthy Incentives Challenge

This report details the 5210 Healthy Incentive Challenge. Project Child Success Action Teams designed and implemented this challenge which offered community partners the opportunity to make their environment healthier through a process that honors their experience and knowledge. 


Playing up STEAM

This report describes the Playing up STEAM project which addresses the needs of children in the Hilltop Neighborhood by working with child care providers and families to increase use of STEAM activities. In this report, learn more about the Play Café model which aims to change the lives of children through meaningful adult conversations.


2016 State of The Children and Families Report

The purpose of this report is to help us better understand the current state of children and families. In the following pages, you will find Pierce County-specific data and stories about what life is like for children and families in our community. Limited hard copies of this report are available. Please email the request to


Building Protective Factors Through Community Cafés

This report describes 2015/16 community cafe work in two Tacoma elementary schools. In the report, you will find information about the cafe approach, family engagement efforts, and lessons learned.


Advancing Racial Equity with Community Cafés

We conducted Community Cafés with local parents and asked a simple question: what are the hopes and dreams for your children? The discussion was not structured by the facilitators. Instead, parents led the conversation and decided which topics were most important to them. African American and Hispanic families, the largest minority groups with children under the age of 5, were the focus of these cafés. This document reviews all four of the meetings and commonalities that were found between both communities.