For Families

As a parent, you are your child’s most important teacher.  While you spend time with your kid, their brain is developing. It’s during those daily interactions where neurons are firing and children are learning!  By responding to your child, playing with them, and comforting them, you are providing a strong foundation for them to grow.  The most important piece of this movement is you, and we’re here to provide support. Below are some links that can help you find what you’re looking for in the community.


Learn how to take interaction with your child to another level.  Vroom pairs the best brain science with tips on how to turn every day moments into brain building moments.  The website is a great resource, and there’s also a mobile app that provides you with daily tips!

Find Healthcare

Finding a doctor for your child can be intimidating. Here is an articles that outlines things to consider.

And don’t forget about the dentist! Babies should be checked by a dentist or physician by the time their first tooth appears or by their first birthday. There are plenty of providers that offer dental care at low or no cost. We recommend you begin by contacting Lindquist Dental.

There are also lots of options to help pay for health care. If you, or your family is not covered by a employer sponsored plan then visit the Washington Health Plan Finder to find and sign-up for health insurance. There are many low cost and no cost options available.

Find Child Care

It’s hard to leave your son or daughter in the care of another, but Child Care Aware of Washington is here to help.  They work with you to find a child care provider that fits with your needs either online or over the phone.

Parenting Programs and In-Home Assistance

There are a variety of services that can come to your home and address specific needs.  This document lists all services in Pierce County. It is a work in progress, so check back for updates.

Find Healthy Activities

Coordinated Care’s Healthy Kids’ Club includes free activity sheets, tips, and books for children aimed at promoting healthy living and helping others.

Find Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Ready, Set, Go! 5210 offers resources for parents who are interested in increasing healthy eating and physical activity in their families.

Find a Play Group

Play to Learn is a free program presenting by the Tacoma Children’s Museum that takes place all over Pierce County.  No registration is required; feel free to drop in at any of the scheduled times and places.

Find a Summer Program

Kids get a break from school for the summer, but that doesn’t mean it has to put a pause on learning. This can be a time when children lose ground, or it can be an opportunity to give them an education boost by participating in supplemental activities. To find a program, check out the Summer Learning Website.

Find a Library

Libraries are great places for free events and resources.  In the Pierce County area, there are several library systems to choose from, including the Pierce County Library SystemTacoma Public Library, and Puyallup Public Library.

Find My School District

Is your little one ready for Kindergarten?  Below is a map of our county, divided by school district.  Find the district for your area and follow the link for more information about getting your little one registered.

Something you still need help with?

United Way Pierce County has a comprehensive information and referral line to provide assistance with requests for resources.  Just pick up your phone and dial 2-1-1, or visit their website.