Vision and Mission

Project Child Success is the early learning movement in Pierce County. Our aim is engage all stakeholders in the community to prioritize children and their families. So far, over 65 partner organizations in Pierce County have signed on to work together. We want agencies, businesses, parents, and the public to recognize that successful children means successful community.


All Pierce County children start school ready to succeed. 


To build and sustain an integrated early learning system of community partners and organizations to support our young children and their families.

How does collective impact work?

There are many people in our community doing good work, but sometimes we pull in different directions. When we all get on the same page, we can coordinate efforts. But collaboration isn’t good enough. We must agree on what goals are best for our community and what part each of us will play. The system can begin to transform when we take collective actions.

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Our Early Learning Common Agenda

In 2013, community partners came together and developed common goals and strategies for achieving results. This five year plan, titled Our Early Learning Common Agenda is what guides our work. Key components are also outlined in the Goals section of this website.

The Role of First 5 FUNdamentals

A key component of collective impact is strong leadership. There needs to be a dedicated backbone organization to coordinate and manages the day-to-day operations. This including organizing meetings, communicating with partners, collecting and analyzing data, and measuring progress. First 5 FUNdamentals is the non-profit organization that provides this backbone support for Project Child Success.