About Us

Project Child Success is a collaborative movement to improving the wellbeing of children and families in Pierce County.

Our Story

Since 2008, community partners have come together to achieve a vision that all children thrive in nurturing relationships and environments. Today, we proudly cultivate community action with 175 partners. Our partnership base is intentionally broad and includes parents, licensed child care providers, health care providers, school districts, business leaders, and family/youth-serving community organizations, to name a few.

Project Child Success is a space for partners to come together and share resources, ideas, and data; co-design projects and programs; and advocate for policies that support children and families in our community.

The Protective Factors

We believe children and families thrive when the following
protective factors are robust in communities.

PCS_Concrete Support

Concrete Supports


Knowledge of Child Development


Social Connections




Social Emotional Competence of Children


Other Initiatives


A network of early learning coalitions across the state whose mission is to connect local and state efforts to improve the wellbeing of children, families, and communities. Project Child Success is the Pierce County representative with the Washington Communities for Children.


Help Me Grow is a system model promoting cross-sector collaboration to build efficient and effective early childhood systems. Help Me Grow Pierce County promotes the healthy development of all children from pregnancy through age 5 by connecting families to community-based resources, nurturing family relationships, and partnering with families and communities to improve the availability and quality of services.