About Project Child Success

Project Child Success is made up of the people and organizations who are committed to making Pierce County a child centered community. Over 90 partners have committed thousands of hours to networking, shared learning, research, collective projects, and advocacy.


All children thrive in nurturing relationships and environments.


Cultivate community action to strengthen Pierce County families.

How We Get There

The answer to our problem sounds simple, ensure ALL children have nurturing relationships and environments. And yet, it’s quite complicated. There are many reasons children are not well. Poverty. Crime. Inadequate child care. Inequitable policies. Toxic stress. And on, and on, and on. Luckily, research shows that certain traits can help mitigate risk, regardless of circumstances. These five features are known as protective factors.

Protective Factors Framework

Project Child Success has chosen to use these protective factors as a theory of change. If we strengthen these characteristics in families, organizations, and communities – children will thrive. But this solution will only work if everyone participates. Schools, healthcare, criminal justice, libraries, non-profits, businesses, parents, governments, childcare, media, civic leaders…EVERYONE. Our entire community must commit to changing policies and practices.

The Role of First 5 FUNdamentals

A key component of collective impact is strong leadership. First 5 FUNdamentals is the non-profit organization that supports Project Child Success. This including organizing meetings, communicating with partners, collecting and analyzing data, and measuring progress.